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Rules for a sensible discussion:

1. There are no alternative facts.

2. Accusing others of evil only make them think you hate them.

3. You have to seriously consider the possibility of someone actually being of a different opinion.

4. If you think that “everyone knows” something it will likely turn out that people are of different opinions.

5. Reality does not bend to our will because different people want different things.

6. Others may react emotionally in a different way than you, personally do.

7. Your personal intuition can err.

8. Rationality can be automatized but this requires a lot of training regardless of how gifted you are.

9. People’s connection between different concepts may differ.

10. Which category people place things in varies individually.

11. Things can be obvious to you without being it to others.

12. It is possible for others to understand things which you, personally, can’t.

13. Others can imagine things which you, personally, can’t.

14. You have to make a difference between wondering if something really exists and denying its existence.

15. You have to make a difference between describingleaving alone and promoting.

16. You have to make a difference between onesomemost and all.

17. There is always more than you in particular know.

18. Diversity exists within groups regardless of your attitude to them.

19. Change can take place without it being quick enough for you to notice it.

20. Chance is real but may be irrelevant.

Everyone who demands the rules to be broken for their own benefit will be reported to Yahoo as spam.  This is to save as many as possible from their one-tracked rants.

My e-mail address is “lena_synnerholm[at]”.  Questions I find relevant I answer to the best of my ability.

This page was last changed the 26th of September 2023.