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Where did you find the portraits?

The first image is a cropped version of one found on Wikimedia Commons. The second and third are scanned from Assassination at St. Helena by Sten Forshufvud and Ben Weider. The forth is scanned from a biography from the 1960ies. I borrowed this book from my uncle in 2006. Unfortunately he has not managed to find it again. As such I don’t know the name of the author or the exact title. Anyway, the first four ones are definitely contemporary. The fifth is a cropped version of a photocopy of a folder Ben sent to me. I asked him if the bust was contemporary. He answered that he did not know and did not care about it.
The sixth and last portrait is posthumous. But it shows such a close resemblance to the other ones it must be based on sketches made during his lifetime. In fact, I don’t remember where I got the image from. For certain I have not scanned it myself. If I have found it on the Net I don’t remember where.

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